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Sierra Leone's war over conflict diamonds began in March 1991 when "a few hundred men crossed over the Liberian border and attacked towns in eastern and southern Sierra Leone." Early in 1992, the Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F.), a ruthless rebel group seized Kono, the diamond mining capital of Sierra Leone.

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The west African state of Sierra Leone has taken another symbolic step away from its wartime image as the home of the "blood diamond". An Israeli-owned company has started operating a big new ...

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Blood Diamonds: The Conflict in Sierra Leone . History of Diamonds: The name "diamond" comes from the Greek word, "adamas" meaning unconquerable. Fittingly diamonds are made of pure carbon, and diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. [1] Diamonds have long been a sign of wealth and fortune.

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Civil War in Sierra Leone: Child Soldiers and Blood Diamonds OVERVIEW & OBJECTIVES GRADES This lesson addresses the civil war in Sierra Leone to illustrate the problem of child soldiers and the use of diamonds to finance the war. Students will draw conclusions about the impact of …

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Blood Diamonds: The Conflict in Sierra Leone History of Diamonds: The name "diamond" comes from the Greek word, "adamas" meaning unconquerable. Fittingly diamonds are made of pure carbon, and diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man.[1][1] Diamonds have long been a sign of wealth and fortune.

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Aug 06, 2010· The diamonds are then used to fund warlords or insurgents trying to take over a country. The trade in conflict diamonds has been blamed for fuelling conflicts in Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone ...

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-a diamond-rich region of Sierra Leone that was often controlled by the RUF and was essential for mining diamonds to buy arms and support their war effort Charles Taylor -wanted to take over the diamond mines in Sierra Leone to pay for his own war and the war in Sierra Leone

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"Blood Diamonds: The Conflict in Sierra Leone", written by Eric Johnson, focuses on the history of Sierra Leone, instead of the present. The article is about De Beer's presence in Sierra Leone, as well as the impact in diamond trade that leaders forced upon the country.

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Dec 10, 2011· "Blood Diamonds" are mined and then sold to finance corrupt regimes or warlords. This clip which I Segment Produced takes a look at the impact of conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone.

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Experts claim that the illegal sale of blood diamonds has produced billions of dollars to fund civil wars and other conflicts in various African nations, including Sierra Leone (where conflict ended in 2002), Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Most of the time, the people behind these civil wars and ...

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THE TRUTH ABOUT DIAMONDS: CONFLICT AND DEVELOPMENT 1 ... Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, are diamonds that are used by rebel groups to fuel conflict and civil wars. They have funded brutal conflicts in Africa that ... As the brutal conflict in Sierra Leone showed, even a small amount of trade in conflict diamonds can

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A history of conflict diamonds in West Africa. Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, originally a British Colony, mined diamonds legitimately and profitably until its Independence in 1961. It was first mined in 1935 by De Beers, which had a 99-year contract granting it full control of all mining operations.

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What is the impact of blood diamonds? The sale of conflict diamonds has sustained conflict in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Over the past decade, about three million people died because of blood diamonds. Sierra Leone alone saw over 50,000 lives lost and hundreds of families misplaced.

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The Blood Diamond industry within Sierra Leone has caused severe unrest within the country. Here, individuals will examine the impact of the Sierra Leone Conflict Diamonds industry on the country's political and economic structure. Blood Diamonds were sold illegally across borders into other parts of the world by the RUF.

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Sierra Leone has experienced substantial economic growth in recent years, although the ruinous effects of the civil war continue to be felt. The country is also rich in diamonds and other minerals.

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The flow of Conflict Diamonds has originated mainly from Sierra Leone, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Ivory Coast. The United Nations and other groups are working to block the entry of conflict diamonds into the worldwide diamond trade.

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The interchangeable terms 'conflict diamonds' and 'blood diamonds' were originally used in connection with the civil war in Angola. 2. The link between ... confronting blooD DiamonDs in sierra leone. Antwerp (Belgium), Liberian diamond exports between 1990 and 1999 were .

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Blood Diamonds and Sierra Leone. STUDY. PLAY. UN Declaration on Human Rights-diamond mines and child soldiers are a violation of this act. ... -99% of all diamonds are conflict free. system of warranties-retailer can insist that they were not involved in funding conflict. World Diamond …

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Diamond revenues in Sierra Leone have increased more than tenfold since the end of the conflict, from $10 million in 2000 to about $130 million in 2004, although according to the UNAMSIL surveys of mining sites, "more than 50 per cent of diamond mining still remains unlicensed and reportedly considerable illegal smuggling of diamonds continues".

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An Analysis of the Movie, Blood Diamond Essay - The movie "Blood Diamond" was released in 2006 and featured Leonardo Di Caprio as an arms smuggler whose main goal is to obtain a seemingly priceless diamond from a villager during the civil war in Sierra Leone.

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Dec 24, 2011· Blood Diamonds, The True Story Documentary of Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Republic of the Congo.

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Blood diamonds, also know as conflict diamonds, captured the world attention in the 1990's during the extremely brutal conflict in Sierra Leone. This issue …

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In just the past two decades, seven African countries have endured brutal civil conflicts fueled by diamonds: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, the Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The movie "Blood Diamond," (2006) directed by Edward Zwick is a film set in 1996, which depicts the dire events of a civil war funded by illegal diamond smuggling within Sierra Leone. The story of "Blood Diamond," follows three significant characters, who throughout the movie express many extreme character developments, modifications to ...

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The movie, Blood Diamond, traces the path of a large pink diamond found in Sierra Leone in the 1990's by a fisherman working as a slave in a rebel-controlled diamond mine. That diamond changed and ended many lives and the story of that stone carries a strong social message.

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Sierra Leone's traffic in diamonds has left a trail of carnage. While they may seem a symbol of happiness, the reality of the gems is far from that. What are conflict diamonds? Conflict, or blood ...

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The Sierra Leone conflict is based on diamonds. Different groups want to get hold of the diamond mines for their high value. Diamonds are rare minerals made essentially of one element, carbon.

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Aug 10, 2010· Blood diamonds and war crimes: the conflict in Sierra Leone Over 120,000 people were killed and two million displaced in Sierra Leone's …

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Nov 23, 2012· Sierra Leone's "blood diamonds" helped fuel atrocities in the impoverished West African nation in the 1990s. The war has now been over for a …

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The trade in blood diamonds was the focal point of the trial, which demonstrated how natural resource exploitation can serve to fund armed conflict and lead to the abuse of human rights. By Floreana Miesen