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But we can provide more by mining phosphate rock and turning it into fertilizer to spread on the land. It takes one ton of phosphate to produce every 130 tons of grain, which is why the world mines about 170 million tons of phosphate rock every year to ship around the world and keep soils fertile.

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Phosphorus fertilizer is essential for modern food production and is the limiting factor in crop yields. Phosphorus is a critical global resource, along side water and energy resources. Around 90% of the phosphate rock extracted globally is for food production (the …

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Phosphate rock resources include reserves and any other materials of interest that are not reserves. A reserve base is a portion of the resource from which future reserves may be developed. In a subsequent section of this report, these terms are discussed in greater detail.

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Phosphate rock is the only significant commercial source of the element phosphorus. It consists of the calcium phosphate mineral apatite together with quartz, calcite, dolomite, clay, and iron oxide as the so-called gangue constituents. Phosphate rock (or phosphorite) refers to phosphate ores that have been commercially mined.

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Phosphate resources need to be carefully managed because of the limited supply of high grade phosphate, a risk of political unrest in some of the supplying countries and environmental problems caused by an excess of phosphorus in waterways.

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b. Resources as unprocessed phosphate rock of varying grades or concentrate. c. Including hypothetical resources based on the area limits of the deposits, Morocco resources may be about 340,000 mmt. d. Includes data from Algeria, Finland, Peru and Saudi Arabia (Al-Jalamid). e.

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PHOSPHATE ROCK - USGS Mineral Resources Program. Phosphate rock mineral deposits are the only downstream phosphate fertilizer products as the ... rock mined in the United States, and process hydrofluosilicic acid for water fluoridation, and ..... nitrate (UAN) solutions, ammonium sulfate,.

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Comprehensive information on Phosphate Rock stocks, mining companies and prices. The latest Phosphate Rock investment information and news.

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World phosphate deposits. Phosphate rock (PR) is a general term that describes naturally occurring mineral assemblages containing a high concentration of phosphate minerals. The term refers to both unbeneficiated phosphate ores and concentrated products.

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Phosphate Resources' core business is in providing phosphate rock to primarily South East Asian markets. Our phosphate mine is located on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. In addition to our phosphate mine we have other diverse business interests on the Island.

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Phosphate mining began in Florida in 1883 near Hawthorne in Alachua County. This hard-rock phosphate was mined in a region extending from Alachua to Citrus counties. The mining of pebble phosphate began in 1888 in central Florida and in the 1960s in Hamilton County.

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Volume 2: phosphate rock resources 1989 pp.xxix + 566 pp. ref.many Abstract : This book is the second of four reference volumes which collectively describe the achievements of the International Geological Correlation Programme Project 156 (Phosphorites) during …

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Phosphate rock minerals are the only significant global resources of phosphorus. The United States is the world's leading producer and consumer of phosphate rock, which is used to manufacture phosphate fertilizers and industrial products.

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Reserves – Phosphate rock that can be economically produced at the time of the determination to make suitable products, reported as tons of concentrate Resources – Phosphate rock of any grade that may be produced at some time in the future, including reserves

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Although phosphate rock is a limited natural resource, at current rates of use the world phosphate rock reserves and resources should be adequate for the foreseeable future. Phosphate rock is generally extracted with surface mining techniques and then the pit is later filled, re-vegetated, and reclaimed.

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World Production of Phosphate Rock Phosphorus (P) is a vital resource for sustaining world agriculture. Reserves of phosphate rock are identified in many regions of the world. TABLE 1. World phosphate rock reserves, reserve bases, and production. Production Reserves Reserve base 1995 1996 1997 Countries million tons thousand tons

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Rock phosphate can also be found in Egypt, Israel, Western Sahara, Navassa Island, Tunisia, Togo, and Jordan, countries that have large phosphate-mining industries. ... In ecological terms, because of its important role in biological systems, phosphate is a highly sought after resource.

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One of four volumes which provides a good understanding of the mode of occurrence, geological setting and phosphogenesis of the world's phosphate resources.

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CHANHEN owned large phosphate mine --LAOHUDONG phosphate mine located at Weng'an county Guizhou province, the miningarea is 5.3 square kilometers, the ore body length is 3.8 kilometers, theaverage thickness is 26m, total reserves is 365 million tons, the average gradeis 27%; associated fluorine resource is 6 million 400 thousand tons, iodineresources is 6200 tons.


Adequacy and Use of Phosphate Resources of the United States, held at Lakeland, Fla., November 28, 1938, much information not hitherto available regarding the phosphate resources of Florida was presented. Wayne Thomas, as spokesman for the phosphate industry, read a brief that forms the background of the investi­ gation here reported.

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World phosphate rock resources (Source: IFDC). The origin of the modern P fertilizer industry can be traced back to the mid-1800s when the first patents were granted for treating "phosphoritic substances" such as apatite and bones with sulfuric acid to produce "superphosphate".

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As a mineral resource, "phosphate rock" is defined as unprocessed ore and processed concentrates that contain some form of apatite, a group of calcium phosphate minerals that is the primary source for phosphorus in phosphate fertilizers, which are vital to agriculture.

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The phosphate rock resource classification used herein is based on the two fundamental aspects of a mineral resource (1) the degree of certainty of existence and (2) the feasibility

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Phosphate Rock. The term phosphate rock (or phosphorite) is used to denote any rock with high phosphorus content. The largest and least expensive source of phosphorus is obtained by mining and concentrating phosphate rock from the numerous phosphate deposits of the world.

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Russia, and South Africa. Large phosphate resources have been identified on the continental shelves and on seamounts in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. World resources of phosphate rock are more than 300 billion tons. There are no imminent shortages of phosphate rock.

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Key market participants in the production of phosphate rock includes Potash Corp, MBAC Fertilizer, Grange resources, Phosphate Resources Limited, Mosaic, WENGFU Group, Vale, Agrium, Anglo American, Shaw River Manganese and Sterling Group ventures Inc.

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Total resources of phosphate rock are extremely large, but are unequally distributed geographically and only a relatively small proportion can be mined on an economic scale at present. The text is arranged on a continental basis, with an introductory chapter for each continent summarising the distribution of resources within the geological ...

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Phosphate rock (or Phosphorite) basically refers to any form of rock that possesses a high phosphorous content. Often extracted by means of surface drilling, this rock is mined through a blasting and harvesting process. Its uses are quite varied.

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ROCK SPRINGS — Existing infrastructure can help Wyoming prosper in the global phosphate market according to a new report.. Wyoming hosts numerous occurrences of phosphate rock, which is a natural resource crucial to world food security, according to the new report published by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS).

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fuel to support a growing world population. Most modern P fertilizer is made from phosphate rock (PR), a nonrenewable natural resource. Over the past decade or so there has been concern that the world would soon deplete its PR resources,